Our Why

We change the world by serving customers taking care of employees and helping
the community through the love of Christ.

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    Clients Coast-to-CoastAezion’s Heroes

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    Employees & GrowingServing Aezion’s Heroes

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We Are Aezion

We deliver Low-TCO, High-ROI Custom Software that solves IT challenges and help you achieve your business vision and goals - then back it up with The Aezion Promise: We get it right. We make it right. Period.

The Aezion Promise

As one of the premiere custom software providers in Dallas, Fort Worth and the DFW metroplex we live by the adage that our word is our bond. So our Promise is to get it right or make it right. We accomplish this by investing the effort to exceed client expectations from start to finish - architecting, designing, developing, hosting, deploying, maintaining, and supporting you throughout the project lifecycle.

We back up our promise with the Aezion A-Z Performance Guarantee, and measure our success by the results we achieve for clients and the goodwill we accrue with the organization heroes who entrust us with their mission-critical IT projects.

Our Core

We believe that work is ministry - an expression of our values. Our goal is to do work that honors our commitments to clients and the life energies of Aezion employees. We define good work as work that delivers results that matter and transforms Clients into lifelong partners.
  • Dependability

    We keep our promises by taking ownership, initiative and paying attention to detail.

  • Speed

    We learn fast, move fast, adapt quickly, and deliver with excellence.

  • Innovation

    We look for better ways by seeing what others see and daring to think different.

  • Humility

    We sweep floors, strive to stay teachable and learn from each other every day.

  • Inclusion

    Inclusion is fuel for innovation, so we embrace diversity of skills, thought, culture and faith.

  • Love

    Love is our why, so we model Christ's love to lift up our clients, teammates, families and communities.

Our Process

We are an intentional organization - we deliberately commit, act, observe and measure results, and adapt our efforts
to ensure we deliver on Our Priorities. Our simple, time-proven process reflects this orientation.

  • Design

    Our Clients recognize the superior value of our low – Total Cost of Ownership development approach. We invest the up-front effort to discover essential requirements - then design solutions that are reliable, easy to use and accrue lasting value year after year.

  • Delivery

    We employ an agile, iterative approach to define and deliver client value in planned increments - using frequent demos and applying learnings from each iteration to craft and deliver exactly what the Client wants.

  • Validation

    The Aezion Promise is simple: We get it right. Period. This means you decide whether the solution delivers the promised utility and value. If we fall short, we incur the cost to make it right - not you. Guaranteed.

  • Stewardship

    We view ourselves as more than just developers. We are Stewards of the solutions we deliver to Clients - so we hold ourselves responsible for client results throughout the lifetime of an Aezion project. This is the meaning of “Trusted Software A-Z.”

The Aezion Difference

Technical competency, technology expertise and process mastery are table-steaks for professional software developers. This is true for Aezion as well as other top-tier development organizations. What sets Aezion apart is the application of our core strengths and core values to serve your interest and achieve your goals – not ours.

We are professionals who love what we do and realise that life is short. So, we want to use our talents and our life energy to help others achieve meaningful results. This approach produces results and experiences that create lasting value for our clients, and lasting goodwill for Aezion. These are the measures of our success. We believe in this deeply. So much that we are selective about the projects we choose. And to those projects and clients we commit to, we are dedicated to demonstrating the Aezion difference:

  • Speed

    • We learn, adapt, and move quickly
    • We deliver quickly without sacrificing quality
  • Dependability

    • We take ownership and initiative
    • We keep our promises
  • The Aezion Promise

    • We get it right, We make it right
    • We back it up with our A-Z guarantee

Get it right. Make it right. Period.

  • We Get It Right

    We invest up-front effort to discover essential requirements, then design custom software solutions that are reliable, easy to use, and accrue
    Lasting value year after year.

  • We Make It Right

    Our agile, iterative approach delivers client value in defined
    increments using frequent demos and learnings from each
    iteration to deliver exactly what the Client wants.

  • Period

    Our goal is to deliver by exceeding Client expectations. So we
    work with you until you are certain that the solution meets your
    needs. Full stop.

Aezion Cares

We Give Back and Help Others

We are grateful for the grace, kindness and blessings we’ve received from both within and outside our community. We are inspired by this example and aspire to honor it by being givers and likewise blessing others. This commitment is reflected in our dedication to community service and support of local and international food, housing and educational assistance projects and programs

We LearnGrow and Innovate

We are committed to the professional and personal growth of each team member. We believe that growth occurrs when we challenge ourselves to do our individual and collective best in service to others - our clients, our team mates and our communities. We believe that the foundation of true innovation is the relentless persuit of Excellence in Service.

Our People

Surround Yourself with People Who Hold You to a Higher Standard than You Hold Yourself. – Benjamin P. Hardy

Advisory Board

  • Tom Hawes

    Managing Chairman – C12 Group

    Tom helps business owners live integrated lives as leaders and Christians by facilitating executive roundtables that ‘build great businesses for a greater purpose’. He is a mentor to dozens of CEOs in business strategy, competitive intelligence and management in multiple industries.

  • Christian Zani

    Talent Management Expert

    Christian brings over 16 years of Technical, Corporate and Executive experience. He is Assistant Director and Executive Recruiter for EY’s (Ernst & Young) Tax Practice, VP Corp. Dev. and board member with the Dallas Chapter of the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA).

Our Team

  • Chris Kambala

    Founder & CEO

  • Donovan Dillon

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Ashley Cupstid

    Vice President, Business Development

  • Parik Cheruku

    Application Development

  • Valerie Crowley

    Customer success

  • Benjamin Manmohan

    Application Quality & Support

  • Matt Adams

    Sales & Marketing

  • Ranjan Dailata

    Solution Architecture