Aezion Priority Support

Aezion support encompasses supported applications, servers, desktops and websites. Aezion
offers two support options that can be tailored and matched to your business needs.

  • Monthly Dedicated Support Bucket

    Priority Support Clients can purchase a defined set of maintenance hours that are applied to system maintenance and enhancements according to Client priorities.

  • Dedicated Support Team

    Priority Support Clients benefit from a dedicated Support Team which ensures familiarity with Client systems and contributes to faster issue revolution, proactivity, and greater effectiveness.

  • Continuous System Enhancements

    Priority Support Clients receive continuous system enhancements by apportioning dedicated support hours to address feature and system improvements.

  • Continuous Health Checks on System

    All Aezion hosted systems benefit from continuous health checks to ensure system availability and system performance adherence with design thresholds.

  • Billing Flexibility

    Aezion support include the following billing options:

    • Fixed Monthly Billing is available with Aezion Priority Support.
    • Pay-as-you-go Billing (Time & Material) is available with Aezion Basic Support.

  • Access to Online Ticketing System

    All Aezion Clients have access to the Aezion Online Ticketing System. This ensures easy support requests, tracking, visibility and accountability for issue resolution.

  • Guaranteed Response Times

    All Aezion Clients receive professional, responsive support in response to service affecting issues as follows:

    • Aezion Priority Support Clients receive guaranteed, SLA-backed response times based on issue severity.
    • Basic Support Client requests are queued and responded to within SLA guarantees.

Our Process

We are an intentional organization - we deliberately commit, act, observe and measure results, and adapt our efforts
to ensure we deliver on Our Values and Our Priorities. Our simple, time-proven process reflects this orientation.

The Numbers

We are proud of the work we do, grateful for the satisfaction of helping our clients solve hard problems, and humbled by the trust we’ve accrued through our work.

  • 70% of work derived from rescuing failed or failing IT projects

  • 80% of projects result in repeat business or customer referrals