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Are you the Ideal Aezion Team Member?

If you believe you have what it takes to succeed at Aezion, we are thrilled to meet you.

Are you Humble, Hungry and Smart?

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Aezion is Service

Our Mission

Service defines us at Aezion. We serve customers. We serve our employees and co-workers. We serve the community by sharing the love of Christ in everything we do.

Our Priorities:

  • 01
    Deliver on The Aezion Promise
  • 02
    Learn, Grow, Innovate
  • 03
    Give Back to the Community

We are growing and always looking out for the next great addition to the team. If you believe you have what it takes, please read on, view job openiings and contact us to explore opportunities with Aezion.

  • The Aezion Team Member

    The Aezion team member possesses strong technical skills and aptitude and demonstrates Aezion’s Core Values. She is Humble, Hungry, and Smart in adequate measure.

    He has little ego or desire for attention or credit, is comfortable sharing accolades or occasionally missing out on them, consistently works with energy, passion, and always takes responsibility.

    The Ideal Team Member gets it right for the customer and says and does the right things to help teammates feel appreciated, understood, and included.

  • Humble

    The Ideal Aezion Team Member is, first of all, humble. Here is how we define humility:

    • Humility – “Is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less”
    • Humility is the single greatest and most indispensable attribute of being a team player
    • A Humble person lacks excessive ego or concerns about status
    • A Humble person is quick to point out contributions of others and slow to seek attention for their own
    • A Humble person defines success collectively rather than individually
    • A Humble person shares credit, emphasizes team over self
    • Humble people are experienced as down-to-earth personalities
  • Hungry

    The ideal Aezion Team Member is Hungry – they are characterized by a manageable and sustainable commitment to doing a job well and going above and beyond when it is truly required.

    A hungry person:

    • Is always looking for More things to do, More to learn, More responsibilities to take on
    • Is self-motivated and diligent
    • Constantly thinks about the next step and the next opportunity
    • Finds reward in the work itself
  • Smart

    “Smart” refers to a person’s technical skills and common sense about people – i.e., thoughtfulness.

    A Smart person:

    • Possesses relevant technical skills and domain expertise
    • Knows how to deal with team members effectively
    • Asks good questions and listens to what others are saying
    • Stays intently engaged in conversations
    • Demonstrates good judgement and intuition in group settings
    • Impacts the team and others with words and actions

Aezion always looking to hire ideal team player

Technical excellence is the foundation of our work. Our team members collectively bring ana impressive range of skills that enable us to offer a broad range of technology solution that are expertly matched to individual client needs. If you see yourself in this list may be Aezion material.

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    Benefits of Work at Aezion

    • Competitive Pay

    • Pay for Performance

    • Striving Company Culture

    • Flexible Schedule

    • Dynamic Advancement Opportunities

    • Family Friendly Events

    Our Team Says

    • Bhrugisha Patel

      Systems Analyst

      “Aezion is a place of possibilities. I love working here, because of its highly driven and motivating environment, amazing unique culture, transparent management and numerous opportunities for employees.”

    • Britt Wisener

      Software Engineer

      "Aezion provides meaningful work, fosters strong teamwork, and seeks continual growth at every level, all springing from a solid foundation of strong core values."

    Our Hiring Process

    The goal of our hiring process is to identify, recruit and nurture long-term Aezion Team Members. The keys to this outcome is to ensure
    both technical and cultural fit.Our hiring process is purpose-built to accomplish this goal.

    • Assess

      Assessment identifies job applicants that match the hard skills criteria in our job descriptions. Candidates that pass the threshold question (“Is there a preliminary match in job responsibilities, core competencies, education, and experience?”) can progress to the Screening stage.

    • Screen

      The screening stage identifies candidates that achieve technical and cultural fit. This assessment evaluates hard and soft skills based on on The 5C’s: Character, Calling, Competence, Chemistry & Contribution. Candidates who satisfy screening criteria are considered for a job offer.

    • Offer

      When the Screening step is complete, one candidate stands out who most closely aligns with our expectations in values and skill set. Prior to making a job offer, we will make a pre-qualification telephone call to align expectations. This step helps eliminate disconnects and ensures a well crafted job offer.

    • Measure

      The goal of our hiring process is to identify and nurture long-term Aezion Team Members. When you are hired, you are provided on-boarding training and a 90-day plan which includes goals, objectivities and key activities. Your performance is measured and evaluated against these criteria during your probationary period.

    Are you the Ideal Aezion Team Member?

    If you believe you have what it takes to succeed at Aezion, we are thrilled to meet you.

    Are you Humble, Hungry & Smart?

    Explore Current Openings