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Custom Software The Aezion Way

Custom Software The Aezion Way

Meeting deadlines and delivering the Aezion Promise is what distinguishes Aezion custom software. Aezion deliver software that makes our clients heroes. The Aezion Promise is that we get it right or we make it right. Period. Aezion achieves this goal by:...

The most dangerous command in SQL

The most dangerous command in SQL

This blog post is courtesy of Vijay Reddy: Vijay is a SQL Server/Microsoft Data Platform professional with over 10 years of experience working in various fields such as financial, healthcare, and Manufacturing Domains. He has worked in various DB-related roles from...

ROI – A Key Success Factor

ROI – A Key Success Factor

A thorough understanding on the term, ROI is very significant especially in small businesses, as the parameters related to ROI determine whether business is on the success or failure path. Small businesses must continuously track and evaluate ROI to determine if the...