Operational Guide to Customer Data Management and Integration


Learning how to leverage customer data is extremely valuable. A study by McKinsey & Company found that organizations that are “intensive” users of customer data analytics were 23 times more likely to excel at acquiring new customers than their competitors and 19 times more likely to be highly profitable. Of course, using customer data goes far beyond finding the right CRM or choosing a CDP. So, how do you start? It begins with data management and integration — two crucial, interconnected activities that are simple on paper, but require a well-thought-out strategy to implement successfully.

If you try to pursue customer data management blindly, you’ll fall victim to the hundreds of pitfalls that have stopped countless companies in their tracks. Rather than wasting resources on attempts that miss out on best practices, read our whitepaper where we break down why customer data is essential to the modern business. Moreover, we explain how you can effectively manage and integrate customer data within your organization and reveal key principles to help you successfully execute your data management and integration initiative.

This white paper consolidates insights and practices outlined in the following Aezion.com blog posts:

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  4. CRM for Higher Revenues and Business Growth


Learn how to optimize and leverage customer data to grow your business. Download our operational guide today.

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