Life9 is the HIPAA complaint, patient-centered operating system for pro-life clinics — doing the hard work so clinics can focus on the heart work.

Life9 consists of 9 modules focused on optimizing delivery of care and resources, organizing and managing key clinic activities:

  • Reports

    Life9 reporting gives Pregnancy Centers big data, analytics, and intelligence that promotes data driven decision making.

  • Check-in

    Know what your resources are as volunteers and staff manage their schedules and use our check-in/out station.

  • Clients

    Support the client journey in your clinic through client app, intake app, and staff app, streamline task management, assigning follow-ups and team member tasks.

  • Testimonies

    Create lasting impressions and build meaningful relationships. Staff members can easily write and send success stories to benefactors.

  • Appointment

    Take the guessing work out of scheduling, serve more clients, and customize appointment types.

  • Needs

    Track and forecast material assistance and manage inventory of resource requirements.

  • Class Management

    Easily schedule clients and events and transform the care you provide to your clients with our class management tool.

  • Administration

    Go paper-lite and manage every step of the client journey through Web, Phone, and iPad applications.

  • Volunteer Management

    Manage recruiting, applications, interviews, onboarding, and documentation through our Web application and V-Hire application.

The Numbers

We are proud of the work we do, grateful for the satisfaction of helping our clients solve hard problems, and humbled by the trust we’ve accrued through our work.

  • 70% of work derived from rescuing failed or failing IT projects

  • 80% of projects result in repeat business or customer referrals