The Client

iMed Biomedical was established in 2014, by owner/CEO Jake Powell. Our company was created to fill a gap in the medical device service industry by offering high-level support to on-site BMETs. Today, we maintain operations in over 25 US states, both as a preferred service provider and a high-quality parts supplier.

Technology Stack

  • Frontend – ASP.NET MVC, HTML,SCSS, Javascript, jQuery
  • Backend – C#, REST API
  • Database – SQL Server 2016
  • DevOps – Azure DevOps, TFS


Company documentation was created and stored in word documents and excel sheets that were printed and filed into large cabinets or scattered across employees’ computers. Client Champion Jake Powell recognized that this impeded his company’s ability to manage and leverage company information assets.

The Solution

Aezion partnered with Jake and the I-Med Biomedical team to deliver I-Track Pro – a web based asset management platform in four months.

During the creation phase we met with different team members to review every minor detail to ensure the software was built right from its foundation. During the creation phase, Aezion found areas that needed more attention and spent time with my staff to ensure the software was whole and complete.


I-Track Pro dramatically improved Company efficiency, analytics capability and productivity. Since the launch, the impact to the company’s operations has been huge. Aezion and iTrack have created a spark for the company to grow as we continue to add new modules and improve the software.

Key Success Points

  • Rapid development of product with no compromise on quality.
  • Improvement in company’s operational efficiency.
  • Product built with scalability in mind, a low TCO approach.

Low-TCO Approach

iMed Biomedical recognized the significance and value of the Aezion low – Total Cost of Ownership development approach.

The project team invested the up-front effort required to architect and design a solution that delivered desired features in a reliable and easy to use application. I-Track Pro accrues value every day through productivity improvements and significantly reduced maintenance and support costs.

Project Life Cycle Cost Dynamics

Low-TCO Development Declining Costs

  • Initial Software Cost

  • Support & Mtce – Year 1

  • Support & Mtce – Year 2

  • Support & Mtce – Year 3

  • User Training

Conventional Development Escalating Costs

  • Initial Software Cost

  • Support & Mtce – Year 1

  • Support & Mtce – Year 2

  • Support & Mtce – Year 3

  • User Training

The Numbers

We are proud of the work we do, grateful for the satisfaction of helping our clients solve hard problems, and humbled by the trust we’ve accrued through our work.

  • 70% of work derived from rescuing failed or failing IT projects

  • 80% of projects result in repeat business or customer referrals