The Operational Guide to App Architecture & Systems Integration


Effective collaboration, coordination and organizational transparency are aspirations that all organizations can relate to, but how do you get there? Applications architecture, microservices, API design and the artful science of integration all play a key role in building the foundation. Unfortunately, these concepts can be daunting for organizations that have yet to take the first step. In our whitepaper, we explore each of these components in-depth. Providing more than explanations, we bridge the gaps between these fundamentals, creating a roadmap that any organization can follow.

This white paper consolidates insights and practices outlined in the following Aezion.com blog posts:

  1. Applications Architecture: Design for The Present and Future
  2. Making the Most of Microservices: Benefits & Considerations
  3. 6 Brilliant Tips from API Design Experts
  4. The Art and Science of Application Integration


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