A Blog – Its importance & Why Every Business Needs One

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Tiffany Palacios is Aezion Customer Success Manager and Compliance Director.

In today’s digital world, every business needs a website. Modern business owners and managers understand the need to have a presence on the web. What is surprising, though, is the number of businesses that don’t leverage the power of a blog at all. Or, they have one, but they rarely update it. Here’s a look at what you are missing out on if you don’t make regular use of one.

A Blog Grows and Strengthens a Brand

A blog helps to build and strengthen a brand. Without one, building a brand can be an uphill struggle. It provides you with the opportunity to connect with customers and prospects and allows you to convey the ethos of your business. It also gives you a platform on which you can tell the stories that will create interest in the brand and foster brand loyalty.

It Fosters a Community

Blogs help you build a community around your brand. They can encourage feedback, reviews and comments. When you post relevant and engaging content, the community will grow. As more people subscribe to your blog, you will create a valuable list of people interested in your products, services and your brand.

Blogging Makes you an Authority in Your Sector

A business blog is a platform from which you can build your authority in your sector. You can show that, not only you do you sell products or services, you are also experts in your field. You can post technical articles, tips and advice, and opinion pieces. This will gain the trust of readers.

A Blog Will Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

When you post content, you can target your profitable keywords and improve your position in search engine results. Good quality content posted regularly will make it much easier for people to find your website. Google favors websites that have fresh, relevant content. A website with a blog will always outperform a website without one.

Blogs Allow You to Post Timely Content

Modern content management systems like WordPress or Drupal make posting to a blog a simple task. It is usually something that you can do in-house. That means that you can react fast to industry trends and developments. You can post comments on current events and increase the relevancy of your brand. A blog allows you to demonstrate that you are at the forefront of your industry.

Blogging Breeds Innovation

A hugely beneficial side-effect of producing regular content is that it breeds innovation within your organization. To write blog posts, you will need to keep up date with industry developments. You will need to research competitors and new technologies. The combination of research for new posts and the feedback you get on your blog will help you formulate new ideas for your business.

It Is an Integral Part of a Good Digital Marketing Strategy

A blog is an important part of a coherent digital marketing strategy. It can provide the detailed information that is needed to turn lead into a sale. Blog posts can contain a level of detail that you can’t have in social media posts. You can lead prospective customers from digital advertisements or social media posts, to a re-enforcing blog post, to a call to action at the end of a post.

Your Free Public Relations Platform

You can use a blog for PR purposes. You can announce new products, events or key appointments. Unlike some other PR platforms, you have full control over your this effective means of directly communicating with your audience.

Blogging Generates Leads

People are more likely to subscribe to an informative blog than other types of mailing lists. If you produce useful content on a regular basis, you will soon start to see your mailing list grow. Once you have a list of subscribers, you can send them invitations to corporate events, details of special offers, and company news. Be sure, though, that you don’t overdo it, or you will start to lose subscribers.

A blog can be the foundation of a business’s marketing, PR and brand development. It can also be a very important part of the sales funnel. The business of blogging does, though, need to be taken seriously. The wrong type of content can backfire. If you post engaging content that is relevant to your brand image and the sector you operate in, a blog can indeed be a very powerful business marketing tool.

Customer Success Manager & Compliance Director at | + posts

Tiffany Palacios is Aezion Customer Success Manager and Compliance Director.