The Client

Accubuild is recognized as an industry leader in business management software for contractors and is the system of choice for general contractors, specialty subcontractors, and industry professionals across the U.S. As the world is moving towards digital transformation, Accubuild now looks to enter into cloud space by bringing their decades of industry experience with an intention to solve some of the gaps that exist in competition.

Technology Stack

  • Frontend – Angular, HTML,SCSS, Javascript, jQuery
  • Backend – C#, Micro Services,REST API
  • Database – SQL Server 2017, Redis Cache, MangoDB
  • Integration – Symmetry tax, Kota pay, Quickbooks
  • DevOps – Azure DevOps, TFS


A product with end to end capabilities for construction companies missing in the market and generate more profits

Construction companies in United States often goes through a pain of what platform/s to use to efficiently perform their daily operations. Capabilities such as employee management, timecards capture, daily field reporting, project management, job costing, payroll, check printing, Tax filing, robust reporting, integration with accounting platforms are all never a one-stop solution.

Traditionally, construction companies are known to be using more than one system/ tool to manage their enterprise resources. This causes inefficiencies in information processing, human errors, lack of single source of truth, hardship in running payroll with accurate information and more importantly, revenue loss. To make it more complex, each state has its own payroll tax policy and there isn’t a lot of systems out there that integratedly handles both enterprise payroll capabilities while also adhereing to multiple state policies.

The Solution

Develop a one-stop solution for all construction companies

Accubuild and Aezion teamed up to create a multi tenant SaaS based platform that not only resolves all enterprise resource planning pain points, but it also invites new opportunities to save cost in infrastructure and maintenance, thereby offering end users a one-stop solution for all of their payroll needs.

Aezion built a web application where all client admins/ clerks can login and perform pretty much every activity with few button clicks. The platform also has a supportive timeclock app built natively both in IOS and Android to help capture the pictures when workers in field clock in/ out. The app works in offline mode to keep internet access concerns out of question. All the data collectively is stored in central database thus providing a comfort of single source of truth. Robust reporting capabilities and heavy integrations with state and other accounting platforms are in place to offer the end users an end to end solution to their payroll problems right from the comfort of their workplace.


More Profitability and Efficiency in customer support

Transforming a windows based platform into a cloud based solution with scalable infrastructure solution is the key. This turns out to be a lean model for Accubuild and provide opprtunities to generate more profits. In addition, the automation involved in the cloud solution offers instant efficiency improvements as support cost comes down and the turn around time in setting up new clients, honoring existing client requests is low.

Key Success Points

  • End to end payroll software solution to construction companies that is accessible from any remote place.
  • Mobile App to record daily field reports and record clock in/ out from the field even in offline mode.
  • Companies can use constructionpayroll.com and send their paycheck information to QuickBooks for AP purposes.

Low-TCO Approach

iMed Biomedical recognized the significance and value of the Aezion low – Total Cost of Ownership development approach.

The project team invested the up-front effort required to architect and design a solution that delivered desired features in a reliable and easy to use application. I-Track Pro accrues value every day through productivity improvements and significantly reduced maintenance and support costs.

Project Life Cycle Cost Dynamics

Low-TCO Development Declining Costs

  • Initial Software Cost

  • Support & Mtce – Year 1

  • Support & Mtce – Year 2

  • Support & Mtce – Year 3

  • User Training

Conventional Development Escalating Costs

  • Initial Software Cost

  • Support & Mtce – Year 1

  • Support & Mtce – Year 2

  • Support & Mtce – Year 3

  • User Training

The Numbers

We are proud of the work we do, grateful for the satisfaction of helping our clients solve hard problems, and humbled by the trust we’ve accrued through our work.

  • 70% of work derived from rescuing failed or failing IT projects

  • 80% of projects result in repeat business or customer referrals