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Legacy Transformation Services

Since 1997 Maxanet has been the industry leader for auctioneers and business owners. This comprehensive set of tools addresses all aspects of conducting online auctions. To take the Auction commerce to the next level and provide real time experience to all the auctioneers, Maxanet partnered with Aezion to rewrite the entire platform as an exercise to transform from their Legacy system into a modern multi-tenant SaaS based solution


Outdated technology stack and file based system challenge the scalability/ sustainability of the platform

With customers from auction world across United States and several other countries, Maxanet platform demands high availability and needs constant improvements to satisfy custom needs from various customers.

The auction commerce platform was originally built in PERL with workspace based approach. Every action a user can make depend on a particular workspace and soon, this has become a challenge. Each client setup has a separate instance of code and data sets and eventually, with workspace based data sets, the data collection has started posing a treat to reporting. The platfrom struggled to report globally on what is happenning across all clients thereby failing to provide visibility to Maxanet leadership. At client level, reporting around invoicing and payments was a serious concern.

With outdating technology stack and increasing custom change requests from clients, Maxanet needed a solution that looks up to future for scability, performance and quality with both technology stack and infrastruture to achieve an end goal of Low-TCO (Low Total cost of ownership)


Established a Cloud based, multi-tenant environment with centralized backend design

For Aezion team, The core objective in rewriting this platform is to transition out of a workspace based solution and have it loosely coupled providing flexibility to users in managing auctions and dependent data points. For example, in legacy, a consigner if created at workspace level, cannot be reused for other workspaces (Auctions). Similarly, a lot created under a workspace, if not sold in an auction, cannot be easily moved to another auction. In Aezion’s solution, the platform lets users reuse all data points across auctions – a consigner, a lot item, a bidder.

Also, email capabilities are enhanced with the new platform to where users across the board are constantly communicated/ notified. The platform is built keeping in mind the scalability – both technology as well as instrastructure ends. Every new auctioneer subscription on Maxanet platform gets them instantly accesible public (bidder) portal, admin portal and a natively built IOS and Android apps available on app stores. The bidder portal for all auctioneer companies are automatically set day 1 with no additional cost for SSL certificates and with no need for multiple instances to be hosted. This greatly reduced the hosting costs and reduced the burden on servers – thanks to a robust URL resolution solution Aezion team has come up with.

From system administration perspective, rhe platform also offers maxanet users to view all of their clients (auctioneers) and set them up with custom subscription plans with capabilities such as automated invoicing, payment collection on recurring basis, thus not involving any manual intervention.


Promote scalability and derive low TCO (Low Total cost of ownership)

Maxanet platform’s smart technology stack and design promotes scalability on both functional and infrastructure perspective. The platform is ready to take any custom requests from multiple clients and deliver them without affecting the functionality of other clients.

Today, while ensuring Maxanet achieve a Low-TCO (Low Total cost of ownership), Aezion team helped Maxanet reduce infrasturtcure costs by 50% and opened up a whole new revenue channel by offering integrations with other third party systems.

Key Success Points

  • Increased visibility and quick access to important data points.
  • Game changer to all non-technical background users as they now use pre-defined templates to generate unique public views.
  • Latest technology components used in the development opened the doors for more business with ability to expose API end points to other products/ systems.
  • Real time updates on bidding information to all bidders

Low-TCO Approach

iMed Biomedical recognized the significance and value of the Aezion low – Total Cost of Ownership development approach.

The project team invested the up-front effort required to architect and design a solution that delivered desired features in a reliable and easy to use application. I-Track Pro accrues value every day through productivity improvements and significantly reduced maintenance and support costs.

Project Life Cycle Cost Dynamics

Low-TCO Development Declining Costs

  • Initial Software Cost

  • Support & Mtce – Year 1

  • Support & Mtce – Year 2

  • Support & Mtce – Year 3

  • User Training

Conventional Development Escalating Costs

  • Initial Software Cost

  • Support & Mtce – Year 1

  • Support & Mtce – Year 2

  • Support & Mtce – Year 3

  • User Training

The Numbers

We are proud of the work we do, grateful for the satisfaction of helping our clients solve hard problems, and humbled by the trust we’ve accrued through our work.

  • 70% of work derived from rescuing failed or failing IT projects

  • 80% of projects result in repeat business or customer referrals