Ranjan Dailata

Benefits of Blockchain: A Complete Guide

Benefits of Blockchain: A Complete Guide Cryptocurrency is no longer the main point of conversation when the term "blockchain" comes up. Once separated from cryptocurrency, it's easy to see that there are many other promising use cases for blockchain technology—especially in the world of business. For businesses of all sizes, the use of blockchain can help support data security and access controls, all while creating a "trustless network" ...

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Blockchain Based Applications and How to Build One

How To Create a Blockchain Application for Your Business The blockchain is known for being a distributed, decentralized architecture. Thanks to its inherent security features, businesses are tapping into its capabilities for their applications. If you're thinking about creating blockchain applications, read on. This guide will explain how these applications work and how to develop your own, whether you opt for a BaaS solution or decide to ...

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What is Blockchain as a Service and How Does it Work?

What is Blockchain as a Service and How Does it Work? Beyond cryptocurrency, blockchain technology has proven itself as a viable foundation for countless business activities, including the management of cloud infrastructure to support the creation of blockchain applications. This particular application for blockchain technology is referred to as blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS). BaaS came with the natural progression of blockchain's use for ...

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Making the Most of Microservices: Benefits & Considerations

Microservices architecture, often just referred to as microservices, is a software organization approach that revolves around turning applications into a collection of services that are loosely coupled, autonomous, and able to be deployed independently of one another. The best microservice is highly maintainable, easily tested, and organized based on business capability. With microservices architecture, teams enjoy rapid and reliable delive...

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Applications Architecture: Design for The Present and Future

Think of applications architecture as a roadmap, giving teams the best practices they need to follow to create an application that's well-structured, reliable, efficient and user friendly. Applications architecture encompasses patterns and techniques that are proven to provide predictable, efficient results that are compliant with business requirements. Common Applications Architecture Styles There are many architecture styles to choose from...

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