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Key Features of Successful Mobile Apps

Key Features of Mobile Apps With almost 4 million mobile apps available for download on Google Play alone, it can be difficult to see how you can develop a business mobile app that will stand out. However, as adults spend an average of nearly 4 hours a day using them, mobile apps are not something that a modern business can ignore. There are many aspects of a mobile app that will determine its success. But, if you get the core principles rig...

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What The Internet of Things Means for Businesses

Along with AI, The Internet of Things is changing the expectations of consumers. It will also change the way that businesses operate. The initial uptake of interconnected smart devices was slower than was forecast. But, the demand for the technology is now developing at a rapid pace. That demand will place new pressures on businesses. It will also provide businesses with new opportunities. Here are some of the ways that the Internet of Things ...

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Now Is The Time To Start Thinking About Artificial Intelligence

Big businesses are forging ahead with artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home are just the tip of the iceberg. AI is appearing in chatbots, smart robots and expert systems. But, is AI something the smaller businesses should be investing in now? Or, is artificial intelligence the sole preserve of big corporations? Here’s why every business should be starting to look at the benefits of AI right now. What Is ...

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Bitcoin and Blockchain – What Businesses Need To Know

Background It’s safe to assume that you’ve heard of Bitcoin - the virtual currency that has sparked a new round of investment speculation and get rich quick schemes - and perhaps Blockchain, the underlying technology that makes it all possible, though you are given a pass if you’ve been in a coma for the past few years or if the deluge of hype has left you stupefied. According to wikipedia.org: Bitcoin (₿) is a cryptocurrency, a form of...

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Custom Software The Aezion Way

Meeting deadlines and delivering the Aezion Promise is what distinguishes Aezion custom software development. Aezion delivers software that makes our clients heroes. The Aezion Promise is that we get it right or we make it right. Period. Aezion achieves this goal by: Embedding solution architects within the Customer’s current environment to truly understand challenges and the desired future environment; Specifying project goals a...

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