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5 Foundational Aspects of Data Automation

Having already explored the characteristics of a modern data architecture, it only makes sense that we now dive into the critical aspects of data automation, which goes hand-in-hand with data integration and implementing a successful enterprise data management strategy. The fact is, businesses are generating and storing an ever-increasing amount of data. On one hand, those huge data stores represent priceless insights that can drive growth....

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Modern Data Architecture – 7 Key Characteristics

With modern data architecture (MDA), a company can be empowered to fully exploit its data through the use of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), automation, blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT). Alongside modern data architecture, an organization should pursue a business model that supports processes, people, and technology in a way that is optimized for the company's goals. Ultimately, implementing modern dat...

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SaaS or On-Premise: The EIM Software Showdown

Anytime a company is considering adding new software to their tech tack, the choice of SaaS or on-premise solutions looms. On the blog, we've been discussing Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions and how they can support an enterprise collaboration program. Now, it's time to put the final piece into the puzzle to help you select the best EIM software by deciding whether your company needs a SaaS platform or on-premise installati...

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Enterprise Information Management: 6 Tips to Maximize ROI

Growing businesses face an abundance of data. That data poses a host of challenges, but if you can overcome them, you'll unlock valuable insights that can help you continue scaling up. To address the complexities that ever-growing datasets bring, most organizations turn to an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solution. We've explored how enterprise information management solutions fit within an Enterprise Collaboration Program, and we...

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Enterprise Information Management: 4 Tips for Selecting Software

Enterprise information management (EIM) specialists dedicate themselves to discovering robust solutions to optimize an organization's use of information. EIM tools do the same, helping an organization gain visibility and access to useful information on a day-to-day basis in order to support decision making and knowledge sharing. A handful of out-of-the-box EIM solutions do exist, but most organizations find that these solutions offer very l...

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